About Us

We are two moms who needed better, more enriching, after school options for our kids. At our kid's school, volunteers were spread thin, the program was stale and had reached its limits, families wanted easier registration, kids wanted better classes and school administration wanted infrastructure. Looking to hire help outside our school, we couldn’t find anyone providing all the services we wanted.

Instead of settling, we created a solution to manage all the aspects of the program. Each session, we create a balanced mix of new  fresh classes and all time favorites, easily accessed through our website and online registration, and provide an infrastructure with the school and families’ busy lives in mind.

Since the start, feedback is overwhelmingly positive from parents, school administrators and kids alike.

We have an ever growing list of vetted and dedicated instructors in your area, including school teachers who love the opportunity to share their different talents, organizations including Arts Centers, Nature Centers, local and county businesses, as well as national educational program providers. 

Over the past seven years, we have worked hard to build Your After School into a flexible and fun program, with just the right amount of structure to keep the bus moving efficiently.

Please call us today to learn how we can create Your After School.

See you after school soon!

Hayley Marcous & Liane Zielinski
info@yourafterschool.com/ 888.212.3837/ tx: 203.524.2824